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Non-GMO, whole food nutrition is the basis of the entire Daily Dose Equine™ program. As we develop new products, we never forget that natural is better, and simplicity is key. 


All our feeds retain the full integrity of the original ingredients. We start with high quality whole oats, whole barley, hay pellets, peas, sunflower seeds, flax and beet pulp.  The grains and soybeans are roasted for safety and then mixed with the remaining ingredients and bagged. We add no wheat, no corn, no soybean meal, no hulls, and no distillers’ grains. Feed less, yet improve body condition and energy.


Our full line of specialty horse feeds is unique in the industry. We offer:


• Feeds containing only non-GMO verified whole foods


• Grains cleaned and opened to ensured digestibility and palatability


• Inclusion of prebiotics, probiotics and electrolytes


• The risk of mold and bacteria eliminated through flame-roasting


• Products free of chemical residues and glyphosate


• Feed without fillers or bulking agents


• Unsurpassed & balanced core nutrition with elevated levels of vitamins, zinc and copper.

Confused about which Daily Dose Equine™ LLC feed or forage balancer is right for your horse? Visit our helpful guide.



Each essential mineral required in the equine diet is available in Daily Dose Equine™ feeds, balanced with vitamins. Integrated bioavailability enables your horse to perform at maximum levels, and to recover faster after exertion.

Additionally, many trace minerals are chelated for better absorption. We also include ultra micro minerals, such as boron, to assist muscle maintenance and development.



We include both an edible clay and kelp in our feeds to harmonize the digestive tract and to lower stomach acid.


We also add six strains of yeast and bacteria, negating the need for you to add daily probiotics. Supplemental prebiotics in our products further nourish the critically important hind gut microbes.



You'll find no pellets in Daily Dose Equine™ LLC feeds for several reasons. Pellets are composed primarily of wheat. Modern wheat has been genetically linked to digestive and other health issues.

In addition, horses do not find wheat tasty without adding sugar. Of course, we'd never do that!

And finally, we want you to SEE what is in our products. Our whole grains are easy to view

just as they are. Not hidden inside pellets.  


All grains and peas are flame-roasted in the manufacture of Daily Dose Equine™ feeds. This removes microbial contaminants and pathogens, reducing colic risk. It also eliminates the need for chemical preservatives and mold inhibitors.


Roasting also lowers the feed’s moisture content, while increasing Omega-3 components and enhancing the flavor of the grains. The grains actually caramelize, resulting in a naturally sweeter, more palatable feed.

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