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From June:

Hi, Janet - I thought you might like to see the results of Carb Buster on Bridget's hoofs. Here are a couple of pics of her fores on June 3 and June 29, showing a much more upright hoof growth since starting Carb Buster, as well as a remarkable amount of growth in a very short time. It's all good solid growth too, not that junky rapid growth that happens often with horses who've foundered in the past. I also started feeding Flora-Max. Before starting Carb Buster, I had her on a regime of equine-nutritionist-recommended supplements, and nothing changed.


My easy keepers are staying trim, or even losing weight, and my carb burners are also on Carb Buster and are staying sleek and comfortable looking. My very food-anxious calorie-burning gelding is clearly feeling very well fed and food secure. Also everyone's manes are looking glamorous.


I've been recommending your feed to anyone who'll listen!




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