Contains prebiotics, probiotics, trace minerals and organics that support higher nutrient absorption. Effective on horses with EPM, diarrhea, scratches and other challenges to the immune system. Available in 32oz bottles.
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Chasteberry tea kit
Provides enough tea to make 3 x 12 cup pots of tea and dosing bottle. Supports normal pituitary gland function and normal hormone levels and may help balance behavior. Chasteberry may promote long term health by helping maintain normal pituitary/metabolic function and may help reduce the potential negative effects of stress. Administer orally. Keep refrigerated after extraction.
Edible, organic clay which acts like a buffer, normalizing stomach and hind gut balance. Also improves calcium utilization and higher levels of digestive enzymes.
GI Thrive
Helps reduce the effect of stomach acid in the small and large intestine. It contains several soothing and healing agents to help hind gut ulcers heal and probiotics. Made from Organic Oat Bran, non-GMO Rice Bran, Bi-carbonate of Soda, Organic Aloe, Papaya, Pumpkin Seeds, Prebiotics, Psyllium, and Montmorillonite Clay. Compare to Succeed. This product is dosed at 60cc/day. Available in 4 or 10 lb containers.
A Chinese herbal Remedy for ulcers. Contains Licorice Root, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Milk Thistle, Montmorillonite Clay and Sodium Bicarbonate.
Made from non-GMO ingredients, this vitamin/mineral mix is formulated to balance your dog's diet. Also contains yeast culture, liver meal, ground flax seed, alfalfa meal, lethicin, and dried egg.
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Chinese herbal remedy for calming nerves. Made with Motherwort, Prebiotics, Ginger and other healthful ingredients. Sold in a 4 lb container.
Mare In Balance
Chinese herbal remedy for Mare-ishness. Ingredients include Passion flower, Chamomile, Chasteberry and Raspberry. Sold in a 4 lb container.
Non-GMO vitamin/mineral mix for horses featuring chelated minerals, edible clay, probiotics, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and salt.
Feed 2 oz to adult horses to top dress on oats or hay pellets.
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