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Trust in what you love,

continue to do it,

and it will take you

where you need to go.


— Natalie Goldberg


Janet Geyer is a lifelong equestrian. Today she operates a 23-horse boarding facility and dressage center, while continuing to ride regularly.


Her experience as an analytical chemist came into play during the early 2000s when she observed her own horses failing to truly thrive on supposed high quality commercial feed. Weight issues invited founder, and ulcers interrupted training schedules.


Determined to address these frustrations, Janet began researching healthier alternatives to traditional equine feeding.  

After successfully treating her own horses with whole food nutrition, Janet began sharing word of her methods with other horse owners. To meet local demand, she developed several feeds under the Daily Dose Equine™ LLC brand.


Today, those feeds have expanded into a full line of 8 feed blends and more than 15 supplements. In 2015, the firm made the decision to eliminate genetically-modified foods from all lines. Sales have since exploded as horse owners recognize the benefits of excluding these inflammatory components from their horses' diets.


Daily Dose Equine™ LLC products are still available locally in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, but selected products are also distributed nationally through To shop our entire product line, including natural supplements available nowhere else, visit our new online store.

Janet Geyer, CEO

Janet Geyer

Janet's professional expertise includes NIR (Near InfraRed) spectroscopy, the analytical technique used to analyze food samples. She worked for many years as a feed analyst for major Midwest grain producers. 



Producing the highest possible quality horse feeds is just part of our mission here at Daily Dose Equine™ LLC. We recognize that our efforts are part of a broader calling toward environmental stewardship, responsible business practices, and social engagement in our community.

Our enterprise seeks to manifest:


  • Support for the non-GMO movement and the inclusion of organic ingredients in equine feed and supplements;

  • Recognition that humans play an integral role in solving equine nutritional issues;

  • Encouragement of practical natural solutions to equine health and welfare;

  • Promotion of environmentally friendly packaging concepts; and

  • Generosity of spirit and effort in serving as a resource for the responsible equine feeding movement.

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