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HOW TO SELECT the best feed and forage balancer


If your horse is a hard to medium keeper, then the following products are recommended. These selections offer both calories and nutrition, and are intended to be fed at a higher rate than a forage balancer. Ingredients are ground to disguise the flavor of mineral and vitamin components. Some horses will prefer these feeds wet, and some will prefer them dry. 

If the current product that you are feeding is a standard feed with fillers, then cut the amount in half and start there. We always recommend changing a horse over a course of 10 days or so.



If your horse is an easy keeper or too hot to consume a lot of calories, a forage balancer is recommended. For overweight horses and horses with allergies, Achiever-Lite is the optimum choice. Carb-Buster is perfect for mares since it is soy-free, and also for horses that easily develop ulcers, since it is hay-based. Achiever is great for the easy keeper who needs "a little more" to maintain their weight. Achiever Foal meets the nutritional needs of broodmares and foals up to 3 years, and should be supplemented with oats.

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