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We can save you money with:

  • Core Nutrition

  • Non-GMO feed

  • No Fillers

  • Chelated Vitamin/Mineral Mix

  • Probiotics

  • Electrolytes and more all in one package

  • More value for less money

No Harmful Additives:

Fillers increase the amount that you must feed to obtain the nutrition benefits of the feed.  By eliminating the fillers, you feed smaller quantities and reduce the need for added sugar.

Fixed formulas means no low-cost ingredient substitutes.


Nutritional info

Core Nutrition with:

  • Chelated vitamins & minerals

  • Micro minerals such as boron

  • Grains include roasted oats & barley

  • Corn-free, wheat-free and free of distillers grains

  • Desert Dynamin

  • Sunflower & Flax seeds

  • Pre- and probiotics

  • Free amino acids


  •   High digestibility; use less feed.

  •   Eliminate mold, bacteria and other contaminants.

  •   Longer shelf life

  •   No chemical preservatives

  •   Lower moisture

  •   Lower NSCs


In addition to being a life-long equestrian, Janet Geyer is an accomplished scientist who began her career working for McCormick Spice company as an analytical chemist. As part of her job duty of examining the chemistry of spices, she learned NIR analysis. Later, she went on to work for one of the original NIR companies as an Applications Manager, working with many customers in the Midwest on the analysis of their feeds. Janet also worked for several years in color measurement, understanding the effect that color has on customer purchasing tendencies. As the biotech industry grew, Janet began working for several instrument companies and Biotech firms in the Baltimore Washington Corridor dealing with infectious disease, diagnostics and biotechnology assays. She has worked for such companies as Shimadzu Scientific Instruments,

 Digene, Cambrex Bioscience and QIAGEN. In 2005, Janet's horses were having issues with feed. Her mare and her husband’s gelding were much too heavy and in danger of foundering. Another horse had ulcers and it occurred to Janet that there must be other ways to feed horses beyond what was offered at the local feed store. Janet's questions to shop owners regarding feed were met with no answers, so she began reading everything in sight on equine and human nutrition. In the end, Janet was able to put her two horses on healthy and balanced diets with high core nutrition and they lost their excess weight. The horse with ulcers also began improving. Janet had rewritten the way that she fed her horses and decided to offer this method to other owners. In 2006, Daily Dose Equine was founded as a whole food resource for horses. In 2015, Daily Dose Equine became committed to non-GMO/Organic food for horses.

Who Is Janet Geyer?

Each product is carefully made to be rich in Omega 3s with no by-products and no anti-nutrients -- no soybean meal, no wheat middlings and no distillers grains.  The first thing you will notice is that there is no ammonia smell in your stalls.  This is because the amino acids (proteins) are bioavailable or usable by the body.  Since the product is roasted there is no need for mold inhibitors to be added -- the low moisture is the best preservative that nature can offer.

The nutritional premix is a product that contains organic ingredients and USP vitamins on all products including the Achiever-lite. The minerals include macro elements of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur as well as minor elements of zinc, copper, manganese, iron cobalt, selenium and ultra-trace elements found in kelp. In addition to the protein in the grain, there are whole amino acid complexes to chelate the trace elements thus enhancing bioavailability. There are generous amounts of USP water soluble and fat soluble vitamins which work as co-factors in the absorption of minerals and contribute to a vigorous immune system. Species-specific equine microbials are also incorporated as a source of probiotics and specific botanicals help the ingredients work in concert.


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