Amino Acids for as Protein Essential Amino Acids” defines the simple proteins that must be supplied in the feed, as the body cannot manufacture them. In Daily Dose Equine Feeds, we supply these amino acids through whole foods that are bioavailable to the horse.


Sunflower Seeds for Skin & Hair Coat Delicious, nutty, and crunchy sunflower seeds are high in energy, health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Like in other nuts, they are a very good source of fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth. Further, sunflower seeds are a very rich source of vitamin E and B-complex vitamins as well as many essential minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper.


Vitamins/Minerals The Equissentials Plus is the non-GMO vitamin/mineral mix supplied to optimally balance the nutrition for your horse. Due to the micro and macro minerals in the product as well as the supplemented amino acids and probiotics, there is no need for electrolytes, hoof supplements or probiotics.


Edible Clay as Desert Dynamin This digestible clay is not only a tremendous toxin binder, but a source of digestive enzymes and micro minerals. Shown to neutralize pH in the digestive tract, it can help heal both the stomach and intestines.


Roasted Barley Non-GMO barley provides more digestible energy and total available nutrients than oats, and is less likely to trigger “hot” behavior. It’s considered a good feed for putting condition on a horse, but it’s certainly not the perfect feed. The grains of barley are very hard so Daily Dose Equine roasts this ingredient to open up the kernels and make them more digestible.

ground flaxseed - (c) Alisha Vargas-Flickr

Flaxseed for Skin & Hair Coat This ingredient contains an average of 40% fat and is one of the few vegetable sources of omega-3 fatty acids (mainly alpha-linolenic acid). Flaxseed also contains around 30% highly digestible fiber and 20% protein. Adding fat to a horse’s diet has shown to improve skin, hair coat, and body condition and reduce excitability.


Kelp Horse feed supplements derived from seaweed or kelp have been developed to add trace minerals, especially iodine, that may be missing in a horse's basic feed ration. Kelp is used in the Equissentials Plus to stimulate the thyroid and as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient.


Roasted Oats Oats are a traditional non-GMO cereal grain for horses and are the best choice for several reasons. Oats are very palatable and contain about 53% starch, 12% protein, 5% fat and 12% fiber. Most importantly, the starch in oats is easily digested (83%) by enzymes in the foregut. Oats are also very soothing to the hind gut in cases where horses have ulcers. Roasted oats are free of bacteria and mold and more digestible than other forms.


Roasted Non-GMO Soybeans Roasted soybeans are roasted whole and cut in half before being mixed and bagged. The roasting allows for optimal digestion by the horse. The oil stays in the bean so the animal has access to the oil naturally. By adding additional soybean oil, the amount of molasses used is greatly reduced and energy requirements are more easily met. A high-fat diet can also decrease tying up or body soreness. Roasted soybeans have been shown to be higher in Omega 3s. At Daily Dose


Timothy Hay, Ground Timothy hay in the feed is used to provide higher levels of fiber and palatability to the feed. Timothy hay is somewhat higher in calcium than other grass hays and has a favorable calcium-to-phosphorus ratio; it also contains a substantial amount of vitamins A and D. When used in the Daily Dose Equine Senior and Carb buster, it is ground to mix well with the other ingredients.